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Welcome to the LEONE project website

Satellite communications are expected to provide connectivity in areas that are underserved by terrestrial network operators. Given their altitude, Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites are particularly promising for applications that require low- latency communication. However, setting up, operating, and offering data communication services based on such constellations of LEO satellites is quite challenging due to their high mobility, i.e., the communication links have a very limited service time.

The “Low-Latency Command and Control via LEO Satellites” (LEONE) project will focus on a specific research question: how to command and control autonomous vehicles (both ground and aerial) that are operating in areas with no terrestrial network coverage via LEO satellite-based communication?

To answer this question, the project will develop and evaluate new efficient end-to-end network system designs and communication protocols that will consider the characteristics of all intermediate communication links between the ground control center and the autonomous vehicles to be controlled: (1) ground segment to LEO satellite links, (2) LEO satellite to satellite links, and (3) LEO satellite to autonomous vehicle links. The project will integrate existing solutions for predicting the mobility of satellites and vehicles with new networking concepts, such as time-sensitive networking and vehicle-to- everything communication, in order to provide efficient, reliable, and deterministic communication for such integrated systems.


25 Jan 2024

The LEONE project held its consortium meeting on January 25 and 26, 2024, in Belval, Luxembourg. During this session, we had fruitful discussions about the project's progress, reviewed milestones, and planned our next steps. This collaborative effort highlights our commitment to advancing the project's goals effectively.

1 Aug 2023

Our website is live!

28 Jun 2023

The physical kick-off meeting of the LEONE project took place on 28-29 June 2023 in Dresden, following a virtual kick-off the month before.

Project Partners

Name:Ion Turcanu
Phone:+352 621 595 172
Name:Christoph Sommer
Phone:+49 351 463-38360